A year-round opportunity to explore the potential of the Burning Man community.

Burning Man Project and the Fly Ranch team have been monitoring developments related to COVID-19 (coronavirus). Out of caution and care for our community, all Fly Ranch group activities and gatherings have been postponed. This includes nature walks, events, work weekends, and group trainings. We will reevaluate these offerings based on how this situation evolves, and will update you along the way. In the meantime, you can take a virtual nature walk , join our Facebook group, follow us on Instagram, and learn about our design challenge. Please stay safe, take all precautions, and look out for each other. ❤️

Each August, the annual Burning Man event transforms a desolate corner of northern Nevada into a thriving temporary metropolis fueled by creativity, experimentation, and awe. In 2016, the organization behind this city became the steward of Fly Ranch, a 3,800 acre property just north of the event site. This property is home to dozens of hot and cold springs, geysers, wetlands, animals, and more than 100 identified types of plants. The Fly Ranch project is an opportunity to create a year-round rural incubator for Burning Man culture and a catalyst for innovation and creativity in the world.

In the long term, the possibilities are vast. Fly Ranch will be able to expand Burning Man Project’s activities and amplify the impact of creative culture in a world beyond Black Rock City. It can serve as an incubator for ideas from our temporary city and give them a real-world testing ground. It can become a place to experiment with shelter, energy, water, environmentalism, new models of living, working and governance.

Our major focus now is our sustainability design challenge. The Land Art Generator Initiative and Burning Man Project have partnered to launch a multi-disciplinary design challenge—LAGI 2020 Fly Ranch—that will create the foundational infrastructure of Fly Ranch. You are invited to propose your regenerative artwork in this stunning landscape. In 2021 selected design teams will be provided an honoraria grant for the purpose of building a functional prototype on site.

If you’d like to learn about what we’re up to, check out the Fly Ranch Roadmap. You can join a nature walk to explore the property first-hand. Stay up to date with the Fly Ranch Newsletter and the blog or reach out to us at gro.namgninrubnull@hcnarylf.

Fly Ranch opens the door to new cultural experiments and art and innovation projects on a new scale. And like Black Rock City, these projects require a vast array of skills, ideas, and contributions and community participation will be essential. Want to get involved? Great! To reach out and hear about ongoing and upcoming projects, sign up for our newsletter.

The Fly Ranch Project

This project is an experimental and evolving project still in early days. What’s just as important now as what happens on the property is how we choose to go about it. Our process requires a balance of playfulness and seriousness, planning and spontaneity, group work and individual contributions. Generally, every time we learn something, it leads to several more questions and ideas. We’re looking carefully at how best to develop a sustainable, scalable foundation to support a growing network of volunteers and community members.

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Fly Ranch is a 3,800-acre of diverse landscape in a high desert valley in the Black Rock Desert, located 24 miles north of Gerlach, NV.

We’ve identified 140 different plants, 88 types of birds, and photographed antelope, horses, foxes, and falcons on the property. We’ve started studying the water from the pools, geysers, and wells. We’ve also found scrap metal, hoses, core samples, pieces of cars, an airplane, discarded machinery, and barbed wire. We’re prioritizing conservation and restoration of the property and supporting projects in geology, hydrology, botany, permaculture, sustainability and more.

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We’re making investments in site improvements and infrastructure, expanding the ways for people to get involved, and a launching a design challenge to develop creative, community-sourced, and sustainable foundational infrastructure at Fly Ranch. We’ll be working on ways for members of the Burning Man community and the public to bring their art, infrastructure, and offerings and transitioning towards long term environmental, financial, and operational sustainability. Our roadmap is the most comprehensive look at the Fly Ranch Project and what’s happening in the next year.

Read More: Read the Fly Ranch roadmap.

There are many opportunities to get involved with the Fly Ranch project or to visit the property. You join one of the weekly Nature Walks hosted by the Friends of Black Rock-High Rock or sign up for a Work Weekend campout or volunteer project. Subscribe to the Fly Ranch Newsletter to start getting involved.

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A wellspring of innovation.

Art Credits

Photos: Justin Majeczky, Sashwa Burrous, Justin Lewis, Zac Cirivello
Map: Carson Linforth Bowley
Geyser Graphic: Android Jones